Prostitution- What You Need To Know

Arrested for Prostitution? Here’s What to Do.

You’ve been arrested for prostitution. Now, you’re wondering where to turn. It can be scary to face the law alone, especially if you are unsure of the steps you need to take. Fortunately, Windsor Troy is here to help you through your case. Here’s what you need to know about prostitution, arrests, and where to go from here.

What is Prostitution?

Prostitution is the practice in engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment of some kind, including money or other valuable goods. Usually, prostitution occurs between people who are not ones spouse or friend.

While most people think of prostitutes as female, there are actually female, male, and transgender prostitutes, engaging in both heterosexual and homosexual acts.

Prostitution is regulated by each individual state, as opposed to the federal government. This means that it is up to each state to either prohibit, permit, or somehow regulate commercial sex. While there are options, most states consider prostitution to be a public order crime misdemeanor, suggesting it is illegal for disrupting the order of a community.

Nevada is the only state where prostitution is regulated in certain areas instead of simply being outright illegal.  However, even in the Nevada counties that do not consider prostitution illegal, it is very heavily regulated.

Punishment for prostitution varies by state. Some states punish the act of prostitution itself, arresting and punishing prostitutes. Others criminalize the acts of soliciting prostitution, setting up prostitution, and operating places of prostitution, instead.

If you have been arrested and charged with prostitution, including the act of prostitution, soliciting, or arranging, you need help to minimize or eliminate penalties. Finding a criminal defense firm to fight for you will make all the difference in your case. Understanding the details of a prostitution charge and how to find an expert criminal defense lawyer is essential.

What are penalties for prostitution?

Each state’s penalties for prostitution will vary depending on their laws. Instead of being prosecuted under federal law, prostitution charges are left up to each individual state. The particular charge and penalties depend on the state’s laws.

Most states will consider the unique circumstances of each case, including the prostitution, solicitation, arrangement, and details of the arrest. Typical penalties include fines and jail time. First offenses will usually receive the minimum penalties in each state, while subsequent charges increase to more severe penalties.

With expert criminal defense help, you can help to minimize your penalties. An experienced prostitution attorney will study the evidence against you and understand the specifics of your case in order to fight for you.

What is solicitation of prostitution?

Solicitation of prostitution is when someone seeks out or pays for prostitution. In states where prostitution is illegal, people who pay for prostitution can often be charged with solicitation of prostitution.

When someone agrees to exchange money for sex, they are committing the crime of solicitation of prostitution. Their actions are enough for them to be charged, even if they don’t end up committing the sexual act. The crime is committed the moment the agreement is made and the person can be charged from the simple agreement or suggestion of prostitution.

Being charged with solicitation of prostitution is similar to a charge of prostitution and can carry similar punishments. After being arrested for solicitation of prostitution, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you.

Is prostitution illegal everywhere in the US?

Every state has the right to determine their laws surrounding prostitution. The majority of states consider prostitution to be illegal and have strict laws and penalties to prevent the crime in their communities.

Nevada is the only state that regulates prostitution in certain counties. With heavy regulations, the state only allows prostitution in brothels, which undergo stipulations in the Nevada Revised Statuses. Legal prostitution in the specific counties only includes brothels. Any other type of prostitution, including street, remains illegal around the state.

Nevada counties where all forms of prostitution are illegal include:

  • Clark
  • Washoe
  • Carson City
  • Douglas
  • Eureka
  • Lincoln
  • Pershing

Are there other crimes that occur along with prostitution?

Prostitution, solicitation of prostitution, and pimping are the most common crimes committed involving prostitution. However, there are a handful of other crimes that often accompany prostitution charges, including:

  • Living in or operating a house of prostitution
  • Procuring someone to help travel for prostitution
  • Trafficking a person for the purpose of prostitution
  • Trafficking minors for prostitution
  • Holding people against their will for prostitution

What criminal defense firm should I use to help with my prostitution charges?

If you have been charged with prostitution or any other crime related to prostitution, you need a professional criminal defense firm to fight for you. With an experienced criminal defense attorney, the evidence of your case will be evaluated and the most effective defense will be determined.

Windsor Troy is a top criminal defense firm with experience in defending those charged with prostitution or solicitation of prostitution. The team at Windsor Troy can help you with your case to minimize your penalties.