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Class Action Lawsuit

Many employment cases are amenable to prosecution as a class where one employee steps forward and acts as the representative for all of the workers who are experiencing similar legal violations by their employer.  Examples of an employment law class action are situations where all employees are not paid overtime pay or all employees are denied meal or rest breaks. Other cases might involve situations where an employer fails to provide reimbursements to employees. 

It can be a very efficient way to seek relief for a larger group of workers, in a single case, where there is a similar violation affecting all employees or a class of employees.  For instance, all assistant managers working for a drug store chain throughout California not paid overtime wages due to an illegal policy of not paying overtime pay for work over 40 hours in a week

What is Prevailing Wage?

Under California law prevailing wage rates are set by statute for contractors and sub-contractors that perform work on state, municipal and local public works projects

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