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Wage and Hour Violations in California

In California, wage and hour violations include anything from unpaid wages, overtime violations, double time violations, minimum wage violations, meal and rest break violations, and incorrect wage statements. The wage and hour laws have been established to protect the rights of the employees working in California. They work hard to increase the productivity of the organization and the federal Fair Labor Standards Act ensures that no employee is wrongfully denied their wage.
You can also seek the assistance of wage and hour lawyers if you have dealt with such situations while working with a company in California.

If an employer denies minimum wage to the worker and still makes them work overtime, the employee can recover their pay from the company by filing a report of the hour violations and wage. According to the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), every employer needs to provide the Federal least wage to the employee.

The employer should also provide “time and a half” overtime wage to the workers, who are working above forty hours every week. If a company does not meet all the requirements, a complaint may be filed against them for receiving the payout that has been denied to them. The complaint might be filed by a third party or the employee himself to receive the wage, they rightfully deserve.

Definitions of Wage & Hour Violations:

Wage & Hour Violations - Windsor Troy Employment Lawyers


If an employee has worked for more than forty hours in a week, they should receive a payment of one and 1/2 times of their usual usage for the additional time. They will also get extra payment for the first eight hours of the 7th workday of the week. If the worker has worked for more than twelve hours a day, they should be receiving double-time payment for their work. Also, if they have worked after eight hours on the 7th working day, they should be offered a double-time payout.

Wage & Hour Violations - Windsor Troy Employment Lawyers

Meal breaks

There might be some exceptions however, workers in California should receive an uninterrupted and duty-free meal break of half an hour if they are working for above five hours daily. If the worker has taken less than half an hour breaks due to work, it is considered that the employee was on duty. In such cases, the company needs to pay for one hour at the regular pay rate to the employee.

Wage & Hour Violations - Windsor Troy Employment Lawyers

Rest breaks:

Just like meal breaks, certain exceptions are known to exist in rest breaks. If a person is working in California, he/she is entitled to receive a rest break of ten minutes every four hours of work daily. In case the employer interrupts the rest break, or the worker has taken less than ten minutes, the employer needs to pay for one hour to the worker at their regular rate.

Wage & Hour Violations - Windsor Troy Employment Lawyers

Minimum wage:

In California, the employers need to provide a minimum wage to the workers, according to the California law. This law was introduced on January 1st, 2019 and according to it, if an employer has more than twenty-six employees, they need to pay at $12 per hour. If a company has less than 25 employees, they need to make a minimum payout of $11 per hour. Depending on the city or county you are working at, a higher minimum wage might apply.

Wage & Hour Violations - Windsor Troy Employment Lawyers

Failure to reimburse:

If an employee has to pay out of pocket for anything needed to perform a work task then the employer has to reimburse everything back. Requirements of extra wages are applicable in case the employee buys the required tools or equipment on their own. For instance, if the employee has to buy tools to complete their job, and the employer does not reimburse the amount then the employer must pay double the minimum wage.

Such laws have also been established to make sure that every employer treats the workers with fairness while paying out for the work done. You should gain more information by talking to an attorney about these laws to ensure that you are not wrongfully denied payment after working off the clock or extra hours during the week.

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