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Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles, CA?

You only have a few days to request a hearing with the California DMV before an automatic suspension.

Let the best Inland Empire DUI attorneys stop the automatic suspension of your license.

There are different consequences for different types of circumstances.

Driving Drunk
BAC >.15 or more

the driver refuses to submit to a DUI test

Drunk driving with a minor in the car

Accident Due to Drunk Driving

reckless driving

driving 20 MPH over the speed limit

Enhanced DUI

The sentence for a DUI conviction can be “enhanced”, that is, it can be more severe, if the DUI occurred when a child under the age of 14 was a passenger in the vehicle, when the driver has a BAC level of 0.15 per hundred or more. , when the driver refuses to submit to a DUI test, or when the driver was speeding or reckless, driving twenty mph or more over the limit on a surface road or thirty or more mph over the limit on a highway.

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The consequences of losing a California DMV hearing are serious:

• Your First DUI

  • up to six months in jail
  • a fine of up to $ 1,000
  • probation for three to five years
  • Substance treatment or alcohol education by court order
  • a driver’s license suspension lasting up to six months

•• Your Second DUI

1 to 2 years of driver’s license suspension

••• Your third DUI

1 to 3 year driver’s license suspension

How we are going to help you:

Fighting a DUI charge in Los Angeles requires legal experience and scientific knowledge. This is where La Liga Defensora attorneys have the upper hand. We have spent years assembling strategic and successful defenses. Each case is unique, but all La Liga Defensora clients can always count on:

Estrategias de defensa agresiva

There are more than 58 reasons why breath and blood tests can be wrong, and we know them all. Our Los Angeles DUI attorneys carefully examine every piece of evidence and question every individual action by the police.

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We are committed to providing you with the support you need when you need it. Our staff is available to assist you.

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Not only do we hope you have peace of mind when you work with us, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that you feel completely safe with your legal team.

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