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If you are charged with a robbery, you must get an aggressive criminal defense attorney on your case immediately. Evidence, reports, and more must be gathered sooner rather than later.

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Why Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Theft Case?

If you are facing a robbery charge in Los Angeles, you will need an attorney with extensive experience handling a case like yours. Give Windsor Troy’s criminal defense attorneys are committed to protecting your rights and vigorously defending you. Do not try to maneuver this alone.  Proper representation is needed to navigate you through your case.  This is best handled by experienced attorneys who are former federal prosecutors, district attorneys, and public defenders who know the law and are prepared to fight for you! Contact Windsor Troy today! 

There are two possible charges – 1st and 2nd degree.  

1st Degree Robbery – Happens in a home, against an uber driver, during a carjacking, or at an ATM.

2nd Degree Robbery – All other robberies fall under 2nd-degree robbery.

Armed Robbery involves the use of a weapon when carrying out the crime.

You have a right to a fair trial. Get a free legal consultation today!


Legal Consequences You Could Face

Robbery convictions result in harsh penalties.  Sentencing will depend upon the severity of the crime and your criminal history. In addition, future sentences could be enhanced due to the Three Strikes law.

It is critical to get out in front of your situation. If you have been arrested for robbery, contact Windsor Troy today so we can start representing you. Windsor Troy has a strong track record of outstanding legal services. We are ready to help you through every stage of your case. Call us now for your free consultation!

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