How do car insurance companies investigate accident claims?

How do car insurance companies investigate accident claims?

Insurance companies will usually do two things to investigate accident claims: (1) review evidence and (2) inspect the vehicles involved. The written evidence is usually witness statements, medical reports, bills for treatment, and police reports if the accident was investigated by law enforcement. Vehicle inspections usually happen 1-2 weeks after an insurance claim is made, so it is important that the vehicle be kept in a safe, secure location until the inspection occurs. Insurance companies will often want to do a recorded statement, but that can come with risks – such as misstating something or the insurance investigator (who are motivated to avoid insurance payouts) misinterpreting what you say. Sometimes, it is best for an attorney to negotiate a written statement to avoid these issues. If you or a loved one has been in an accident and is unsure how to deal with an insurance investigator, it is best to let an experienced attorney step in to protect your rights and make sure your claim is handled successfully.

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