L.A. to pay nearly $1.6 million to settle three lawsuits alleging police wrongdoing

Windsor Troy was recently highlighted in an article for the Los Angeles Times. An incredible win for our client and the good people of the city of Los Angeles.

Read the article here: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-04-07/l-a-to-pay-nearly-1-6-million-in-three-suits-alleging-lapd-wrongdoing

L.A. to pay nearly $1.6 million to settle three lawsuits alleging police wrongdoing


APRIL 7, 2021 1:46 PM PT

In the third case, council members approved a payout of up to $145,000 to settle allegations that children were forced to punch each other at a “character building camp” operated by the LAPD for kids 6 to 12. After two children told their parents about the alleged abuse, the camp was closed indefinitely in 2019, according to the lawsuit filed by the parents.

The lawsuit also alleged that a camp volunteer mistreated children who did not speak English fluently, declaring that they and their parents should be removed from the United States and threatening to make them run extra laps if they did not pronounce English words to her liking.

The camp was part of the LAPD’s Jeopardy gang intervention program.

The city denied the allegations of abuse in court. The settlement approved Wednesday by the City Council will be divided evenly between the two minors who reported the alleged mistreatment to their parents, according to court records.

“The racism and violence that children encountered in the LAPD Jeopardy Program was an unacceptable betrayal of trust, straining the already fragile relationship between the LAPD and the underserved communities of Los Angeles,” the law firm Windsor Troy, which represented the parents, said in a statement. It expressed “hope that the department takes the necessary steps to ensure that incidents like this become a thing of the past.”

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