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What is Crimmigation?

Crimigración or “Crimmigration” is the intersection of immigration law and criminal law that is also known as Crim-Imm.
But immigration experts have said that the majority of people expelled or deported from the United States commit minor crimes.

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What types of criminal cases can affect a resident or immigrant?

Residents and people without a green card who commit related crimes
They are at risk of being deported or expelled to their country.
The statistics are not very favorable for people who do not have legal documentation and receive a criminal conviction for having committed a crime. According to important statistics, since 2001, the number of people who were deported from the United States for having received a criminal conviction increased by 317%, this is a very high percentage that represents that crimmigration seriously affects a person’s immigration status .

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How can an immigration and criminal lawyer help you with your immigration proceedings if you have a criminal conviction?

Los especialistas en inmigración recomiendan que las personas que no tienen la ciudadanía estadounidense y  son acusadas de delitos menores o graves, deben buscar la asesoría legal de abogados penalistas que también  conozcan de leyes de inmigración. Un abogado de crimmigración tiene la capacidad de defender a los acusados del crimen, para que:

United States citizens who commit a crime have to appear for trial to receive the sentence imposed by the judge, which can be years in jail, probation, payment of a fine, among others.

But, the undocumented or even legal residents, in addition to receiving a conviction for their crime, can also be expelled or deported to their country of origin, which is why, due to the complexity of these cases, it is highly recommended to hire lawyers who They offer criminal and immigration law services.

Professional and experienced criminal and immigration attorney

The main objectives of a Criminal Lawyer:

  • Prevent residents and undocumented immigrants from being deported after receiving a sanction for a crime committed. 
  • Preserve admissibility so that a person can adjust their immigration status and later apply for citizenship.

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Other types of immigration adjustments available to individuals.

For Example:

An adjustment of status for work

As long as companies request the residence of their employees who have entered legally with a work visa or another type of visa.

An adjustment of your status through asylum

  • But in this type of case, several requirements must be met.

Tips for people who have begun to adjust their status:

  • You should not travel outside of the United States, as this may affect your case.
  • It is important that if they wish to travel they must apply for the permit known as advance parole.

In the case of a family request of a person who resides illegally, another type of residence request applies:

  • The applicant to reside legally must appear for an interview
  • Medical exam
  • Submit a variety of documents.

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